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Sitaram Jindal Foundation Scholarship

Category 'A' : BPL Students
  1. Girl students belonging to BPL families studying in class IX to XII in a Govt. and Govt. Aided Schools.
  2. Boy and Girl Students belonging to BPL families studying in Graduation and Post Graduation Courses as mentioned below in Category 'C'.
Category 'B' : ITI Students
Students studying in Govt. and Private ITIs in courses / trades as per Annexure-III Courses of duration, one year or two year shall only be eligible. Minimum percentage of marks in previous examination should be 50%. Further, students staying in hostel shall be paid extra in addition to scholarship.
Category 'C' : General Students
  1. Students who have secured 60% or above in the case of girls and 70% or above in the case of boys in their last / qualifying examination including X & XII.
  2. Students whose entire family income from all sources is less than Rs.2.00 lacs p.a. shall be eligible.
  3. Scholarship shall be discontinued after the student crosses the age of 30.
  4. Only those who study in reputed colleges on regular basis, affiliated to university of repute - UGC are eligible
Those who study through correspondence or in Part time colleges are not eligible.
Following courses shall be eligible for scholarship :
  1. Students of Graduate Courses like : B.A., B.Com, B.Sc., BFA, Homeopathy, B.Pharma, BCA, BBA, BBM, Bachelor of Business Economics / Finance, B.Sc. (Agriculture), BVSC and course in Naturopathy like : BNYS. Engineering courses like : Computer Science / Engineering (IT) / (Bio-Technology), Nuclear Engineering, Industrial Environment Engineering, Plastic Technology & Petro Chemical Engineering.
  2. Students of Post Graduation Courses like : M.A., M.Phil, M.Com, M.Pharma, M.Lib (Science), MBA, Master of Business Economics / Finance / Human Resources Management/ International Business / M.Sc. / MVSc, M.Sc. (Agriculture), MCA, Organic Agriculture, Solar Energy, Rural / Urban Management.
  3. Students of Graduation and Post Graduation including diploma courses in the field of Environment like : Environment Scientist, Environment Engineer and Environment Journalist. Students of Graduation and Post Graduation Courses in Hospitality, Architecture, Physiotherapy, Micro Biology, Forensic Sciences and Social Work.
    It is further to clarify that no Ph.D. courses are eligible for scholarship. Applications for medical including dentistry and engineering courses -degree or diploma other than mentioned above will not be entertained at all.
  4. Physically Challanged or Handicap Students:
    Scholarship eligible for pre-university, graduation and post graduation courses.
  5. Widows and unmarried wards of ex-servicemen:
    Scholarship eligible for graduation and post graduation courses.
  6. Meritorious Students :
    Students who have secured 80% or above marks in their qualifying examination shall be paid additional amount for graduation and post graduation courses.
    Students staying in hostel owned by the institution and pursuing graduation and post graduation courses shall be paid extra in addition to the scholarship amount
  1. Application form is now applicable to all cases of scholarship as per Annexure II, and can be freely downloaded.
  2. Application forms may also be called for from the Foundation office. Photocopies of the prescribed form are also permitted. Typed copies and Hand-written applications shall be allowed, provided they follow the prescribed format.
  3. The candidate should have his photograph affixed on the application form. He should fill the application form carefully and in detail. He should give His full name at all places. The form shall also be signed by his father/Guardian.
  4. The applicant shall get the application form signed by the Principal/Head by way of verification and attestation of the photograph and all the Information contained therein. The Principal/head of institution shall sign In full and affix his seal.
  5. The application should be accompanied by the following documents:-
For BPL Students
(School Girls & College Boys & Girls)
Photocopy of BPL Card attested by the Principal and copy of Marks Card of previous Examination
For ITI students In case student stays in hostel, submit payment receipts alongwith original hostel Certificate/ letter from Warden duly attested by the Head of the Institution where studying.
For College Students
(both graduate and post graduate)
  1. Photocopy of income certificate issued by competent authority duly attested by the Principal/Head as per ANNEXURE-IV.  Download Income Certificate
  2. Photocopy of the marks sheet of class X, XII and last qualifying examination passed, duly attested by the Principal/ Head of the Institute.
  3. In case student stays in hostel, submit payment receipts alongwith original hostel certificate/letter from Warden duly attested by the Head of the Institution where studying.
BPL Student Photocopy of BPL Card duly attested by the Principal/ Head of the Institution.
Physically Handicapped Students Photocopy of the disability certificate issued by the competent authority duly attested by the Principal / Head of the Institute.
Widows and wards of Ex-Servicemen Attested copy of ex-serviceman/ widow identity card issued by Rajya Sabha/Zila Sanik Board and attested copy of relationship / dependency certificate from OIC records.

  1. Money receipt (if possible) in respect of the previous installment duly signed by the student and countersigned by the Principal/Head of the Institution, along with seal.
  2. Progress report of the student, including result of the last examination taken by the student, to be signed by the Principle/Head, along with seal.
  3. Report by the Principal/Head of the Institution with seal, that the student is continuing with his/her studies.
  1. All scholarships will be given in instalments covering a period of six months at a time, irrespective of the amount involved. For courses of just 9 months duration, the scholarship shall be given in a single consolidated instalment.
  2. In case the candidate has appeared in an examination during that period and the result has been announced, the result of examination shall be conveyed by the Principal in his progress report.
  3. In case the result has not been announced, the instalment shall not be released till such announcement. If the student fails in an examination or is unable to appear in it, the payment of further scholarship shall be suspended till he passes the examination.
  4. The scholarship amount shall be disbursed through electronic transfer to the bank account of the student if possible, otherwise through crossed A/c.Payee cheque or DD in favour of the student. The cheque/DD shall be sent directly to the student.
  5. In case of electronic transfer, intimation shall be sent by post to the students. An intimation about sending of the amount to the student shall also be sent to the Principal/Head of the Institution through e-mail or by a letter.
  6. The scholarship shall not be denied merely because the student has availed himself of a bank loan for his/her studies.
  7. If a student leaves the educational institution, it shall be his/her duty and the duty of the Principal/Head of the Institution to give intimation to SJF.
  8. In the case of ITI students, if they are allowed by the institute to leave the course in the middle and rejoin it after some interval, the due amount of scholarship shall be given at the time of resumption of the course, but not for the intermediate period of absence.
  10. Address:
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