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Scholarship for Excellence:

Our flagship programme, Paramonnati, identifies and assists exceptionally talented children from socioeconomically challenged backgrounds. We aim to support and mentor these children until they secure their futures, financially and socially. Furthermore, we aspire to nurture a sense of social awareness in these scholars so that they may act as leaders, change agents and mentors for their respective communities.

What do we do ?

1.Select exceptionally talented children who face social and economical barriers in pursuing further education and a career path.
2.Identify and cater to the individual needs of the child. These would include:
        a.Financial support (e.g. fees, travel expenses, external coaching, living expenses, medical expenses, 
           educational material, clothing, etc.)
        b.Non-financial support (e.g. career and other counseling, mentoring, leadership development, etc.)
3.Award each child with sponsorship on an annual basis where renewal is dependent on continued academic or non-academic performance and financial need.
4.Ensure that the child and his/her family are engaged equally with the Foundation in every step of the process so that their interests, views and wishes are fully respected and all decisions are made in participatory manner.
Who is eligible ?
Age: The candidate should be above 14 years of age.
Merit: The candidate should display academic or non-academic excellence.
         • Candidates should have secured 92% or above in their 10th Standard final exam.
         • If applying after Junior College, candidates should have secured 90% or above in    any State or  
         National level competitive entrance test.
         • Candidates having qualified for and participated in state, national or international    competitions are 
            encouraged to apply.
Need: Candidate’s gross family income should not exceed INR 15,000 per month.
Geographical coverage:   Candidates residing in (i) Mumbai, (ii) Mumbai suburban district and (iii)      
     Thane district in the radius of 50km from Mumbai will be eligible.
     Any child, irrespective of caste, community, gender and religion is eligible and will be assessed solely on 
     the above criteria.
Please note that the criteria may be revised going forward.
• Application Procedure
• Selection Process
• Assistance Offered
• Change in Course of Study
• Continuation of Paramonnati Scholarship

Application Procedure :
1.Only eligible candidates will be given a detailed Paramonnati Programme Final Application Form.
2.The application needs to be filled in by the student in his/her own handwriting.
3.The candidate needs to identify two individuals who will sign recommendation letters in the prescribed format and who will willingly provide the Foundation information regarding the candidate whenever we contact them. These two individuals should not be family members and it is preferable for one individual to be a current or former teacher of the candidate.
4.All attachments are to be countersigned by the two recommending individuals.
5.In order to be considered for a Paramonnati Scholarship, candidates must submit a completed application at the Nirav Modi Foundation office in Mumbai along with the following documents:  
a.Attested/Original copies of mark sheets for the last 3 years.
b.Address proof - Copy of Ration card & voting identity card.
Proof of admission/selection in the course for which one is seeking a scholarship, if already obtained .
d.Copy of Birth certificate/School leaving certificate.
e.Fee structure from the institute in which you would like to gain admission.
f.Copy of family income proof - Salary certificate/Government approved income certificate/self declaration/other.
g.Copy of last 3 months’ electricity bill, telephone bill (landline and mobile) and rent bill.
h.Certificate of Caste, in case of SC/ST and OBCs issued by the authorized Govt. Agency/Department.
i.Details of Awards/Distinctions received, leadership positions held, extra-curricular activities, sports, and community service initiatives participated in, etc. Please attach relevant documents.
j.Handwritten essay answering the following question: "Where do you want to see yourself in the future and what would you like to do to fulfill your dreams?" Maximum word limit is 1000 words. Candidates may use the language of their choice for the essay. Readable handwriting is encouraged.

Selection Process :
1.Only completed applications will be considered.
2.All original documents to be produced for verification at the time of submission of the application.
3.A home visit and interviews with the two recommending individuals will be conducted to verify the information provided in the application form, especially that related to the socio-economic details of the candidate and their family.
4.Shortlisted candidates will then be invited for a personal interview.
5. A parent or guardian needs to be present at the time of the interview.
6. If the candidate is applying for a scholarship for Junior College, the Foundation may refer them for Aptitude, Interest and Personality (AIP) Tests. The Foundation will bear the costs of these tests. Admission into the scholarship programme will depend on AIP Test results and related reports.
7. The candidate will be sent to a consulting medical practitioner for a thorough medical check up, which includes an HIV test, blood test, urine test and gynecological check up (only for girls). The cost of each ofhtese tests will be borne by the Foundation.
8. If required, a candidate may be called for a second interview.
9.Final decision of admission will be based on a review of academic performance, economic need, the medical check up report and, if conducted, AIP Test results.
10. Written confirmation will be given to the candidate if selected for the scholarship. However, support granted shall be subject to the candidate being accepted by the academic institution indicated by the candidate on the scholarship application form.
11. All decisions of the selection panel will be final. Any effort to influence the decision will lead to disqualification.

Assistance Offered :
Paramonnati Scholars will be offered the following assistance from the Foundation:
• School/College Tuition Fees
• Coaching Class Fees
• Hostel and mess charges
• English speaking course
• Books and stationary
• Travel Allowance
• Medical benefits

Change in Course of Study :
If, at any point, a Paramonnati Scholar wishes to make any changes to the course of study, institution or coaching class that have been mutually agreed upon in the final selection round, they will be required to submit a written letter stating their justifications. Continuation of support from the Foundation, with or without the change in course of study, will be entirely at the discretion of Trustees.
Continuation of Paramonnati Scholarship :
Continuation of the scholarship is at the discretion of the Foundation and will be dependent on satisfactory continued performance and attendance of all activities/classes that are planned for the Paramonnati Scholars’ benefits
Disclaimer :
Attempt has been made to provide correct information. The information, however, is subject to change from time to time.

Contact Us :
Trade Point Bldg (2nd Fl)
Kamala Mills Compound
Lower Parel
Mumbai – 400013
Tel: +91 22 3001 0138

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